Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?

We hear this a lot.  Lately I’ve observed what seems to be an increasing number of incidents involving law enforcement actually or potentially overstepping their authority because they encounter citizens “in the wrong place.”

I really do appreciate our first responders.  They have a tremendously difficult job and are routinely required to make decisions that are ripe for second-guessing.   However, maybe naively, I view the police in particular as having something of a sacred trust with our society.  Like teachers or the clergy, they have daily interaction with the masses, and wield authority that is easily abused. Their respect must be earned by demonstrating respect for the citizens they serve.  They must be held to a higher standard of conduct.   Hence the concern.  I give you the following….

In recent rapid succession I’ve read about the following incidents:

A USC student’s “walking while black” story

Reverse profiling of a cyclist in Watts

Student left to rot in a DEA detention cell

Ok, the last one was the DEA, and it was in San Diego, but DANG!!

My non-white friends will shake their heads at me and tell me “nothing new here”.  Maybe not.

I think the reason why the bad cops get away with this is because their victims typically don’t have the resources to report or fight back.   We need to shine the light on this behavior.  What do you think?  Am I overstating the problem?  Whatver the case may be… stay safe out there.


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